Animoca Brands Announced Kensuke Amo as the New COO

Animoca Brands Japan, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, has appointed Kensuke Amo as its Chief Operating Officer, effective February 1, 2024. Amo brings a strong background in launching non-fungible token (NFT) businesses, having previously served as the Managing Executive Officer at Coincheck, a crypto asset business.

In a statement, Animoca Brands emphasized Amo’s proven track record in the NFT space. The Hong Kong gaming firm expressed confidence in his ability to contribute to the company’s growth and innovation in the rapidly evolving web3 domain.

Daisuke Iwase, CEO of Animoca Japan, highlighted the company’s role in connecting Japan with the global web3 landscape. Animoca Brands Japan has been instrumental in facilitating overseas development of Japanese intellectual property and content (IP), fostering collaborations with partner companies. The appointment of Amo as COO reflects Animoca Brands’ commitment to furthering its presence in web3, aligning with the expanding realm of decentralized technologies and NFTs.

Daisuke also said, “Now that the transient Web3 boom has passed and only the essentials remain, I look forward to working with Kensuke, who has continued to lead the fields of Crypto Assets, NFT, and Metaverse in Japan, and has launched and successfully led several businesses, to take on various challenges at Animoca Brands Japan.”

“I am very pleased to join Animoca Brands, one of the world’s leading Web3 companies. Animoca Brands has a culture of open-mindedness, kindness, and good people who are straight-up about Web3 technology, and it is those qualities that I, as an outsider, found most wonderful as I collaborated with the company over the past 3 years. 

“As a strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands, Animoca Brands Japan will make the most of its assets and network, including its more than 400 portfolio companies, while combining its knowledge and experience in business and rule-making in the Japanese Web3 industry to help Web3 take root in society.” commented Kensuke Amo. (Read full announcement here)

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